Tattoo Design

From an early age I became fascinated with Tattoo artistry. I would love to sit and touch the subjects skin and wonder how it got there, and why they chose that design.  At the age of 8 I decided I wanted to become a Tattoo artist, drawing every day to try and improve my craft. Since then I have tried several times to break into the industry, but to no avail.

These pieces are directly from my Tattoo Portfolio, they come along with me in physical form to any interviews I might have on the day. I hope you enjoy them.

Koi and Lotus
Anchor Practice
Cat skull silhouette
Humming bird and kanji.
Swallows Flash Sheet
Blue bird and Peony
Swallow and olive branches
Satyr rose wreath
Koi Study
Octopus and Anchor
Betty Bat
Sugar Skull
Snake and skull
Red Panda Coloured
Red Panda Original line art
Lunar Tiger and roses
Eagle and Snake
Bald Eagle Sketches

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