Since a child I’ve been awe struck by how vast the universe is, how tiny and insignificant our little ball of water really is. I had stacks upon stacks of books on astronomy, posters of the star systems, my own telescope and those little glow in the dark stars that you stick to your ceiling (that i still totally have). The possibilities are boundless, the sky is a vast limitless pallet of wonder.

Xenox (from the planet janet) was actually a rough mock up I made for a competition that I placed second in, to make a new super hero for the Habbo Hotel online Chat room.

Warrior Lily, Space Opera and Space Warrior were all challenges to myself, I wanted to draw my art without using lines and I am still rather pleased with the outcome. Space Warrior probably took the longest as I tried to work  out how to make her limbs look attached yet not blending in with the rest of her skin. I learned a lot from this project!

Intergalactic Santa was a 30 minute spit paint that I rather enjoy looking at still, it has a few cult themes and humor to boot!

So these intergalactic horses visit me in my dreams sometimes. I wake up on a planet that has a colourful starry sky, everything is silent apart from the wind blowing. I stand up and look around, fields of orange and gold surround me, it’s very calming. From the distance I see two horses galloping toward me, I’m not afraid, as they get closer I can see that their skin is almost like that of a jellyfish, it shifts and changes as they move. As they stop before me I look into their eyes, they speak but the words form inside my head and I can never remember what they say, It’s just comforting and I feel happy. Holding my hand out as if feeding them they seem to suck the colour from my hand as I stroke them with the other. Then I wake up. 



Princess Xenox from the Planet Janet

Space warrior

30 minute spit paint – Intergalactic Santa

Space Opera

Warrior Lily – from the Water Planet Diyheem

Intergalactic Horses