Sketch Book

From my sketch books

As much as I love digital art, traditional art is really where I feel at home.  I have so many sketchbooks for different ideas I’ve lost count!

My current love is my little brown sketch pad, brown paper seems to really bring out the colour in my pencils and gives my characters more life. In my current project i’m creating jobs for an array of insects; my bumble bee post man is off on his rounds, Boris is the local Spider baker man, with an array of goodies such as Caterpillar croissants, Fly jam buns, worm sticks and if you’re extra good he’ll sell you some of his famous Flyscream from the back room!  I’ve enjoyed drawing characters for this world and I hope others will enjoy seeing them, please look through the Azelea comic page to see more of them!

My other sketch pads are filled with character design, ideas for heroes, fantasy realms, life drawing (essential) and stylized facial expression charts.

Stay tuned as I’m always adding to my collection of sketches! To keep up to date with my sketches that didn’t quite make portfolio material, please look at my blog.



Post bumble

Spider Baker

Snail Farm

Gentleman Snail Merchant

First encounter on a slug farm

Nell – Firefly Princess

Lily – Pebble fairy

Two pages from my little brown book

Sweet pea

Tribal witch Doctor

Leoti and the mer-folk

Leoti and the greedy cave troll

Owl in flight

Snowy owl in flight

Expression sheet

Male and Female eye shapes