Poo Panic! Mobile Game

In 2017 I worked on this game for a small company, Redshifted,  on their first game ‘Poo Panic!’.  As their budget was small, I was the only artist working on this game, so I made character art, animation, platforms, assets and backgrounds for the entire game. Unfortunately a lot of the full animations were cut from the end game, but I’ve posted the full animations here.

Although unconventional, I had a lot of fun animating and drawing the art for this funny little game. I look forward to working with the company in the future.

Collectible Germ
Pigeon hitting window
Squitz – the main character (Walk Cycle)
Squitz – Death cylce
Squitz – Idle Animation
Squitz – Jump animation
Nomming Tapeworms chase you down the screen
Original Sheet of worm face ideas
Squitz – Jump cycle frames
Squitz – Death frames
In game still (test)
Home screen background
These fish heads and the items below are just some of the kitchen objects I drew for the levels.
Sack of Potatoes
Salt and Pepper shakers
Washing liquid bottle

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