Personal Projects

Personal Projects

So my personal project at the moment is my own comic book (yaaay)! I’ve been creating a world of giant sentient insects for this purpose and coming up with many scenarios and characters to help the story along. The main characters are Maurice, a 14 year old human child who’s the only human in this world of insects and wants to know why; Manfried, a gentleman snail who is the child’s guardian and mentor, showing Maurice how the world works, meeting new people and making new friends every step of the way; and Laurell, a pet caterpillar that is one of Maurice’s best friends.  Together they travel the world as detectives, solving crimes and becoming accepted for who they are.

These are some of the panels from the comic without writing. To see the comic please look at the comic page in the main menu!



Maurice dozing

Stroking Laurell

Manfried close up

Maurice close up

Manfried laughs

Maurice bored

Betony Bay

Maurice Marches