Sometimes I like to draw creatures, the monsters that stalk my dreams or just studies in the style of my favorite artist.

My stylized dinosaur, which i drew in 2012, was the first time I’d characterized a creature, I really fell in love with cartooning from this point on and didn’t look back!

Norman is a strange dragon, he comes to my dreams sometimes. He’s not a typical dragon, looks more like a gremlin, but I do like him all the same. He’s very cynical and doesn’t seem to have confidence in the choices I make but he makes me laugh all the more.

The Last piece is a Work In Progress, after reading ‘Plucker’ an illustrated novel by BROM (one of my artistic heroes), I decided to try using a similar colour pallet with my monster and draw a little tribute to him.

All other creature style drawings fell into the ‘Fan Art’ category, if you’re interested in this style please find more in that section on the home page!  Although I do plan on adding to this section eventually.



Characterized T-rex

Norman was floating around my dream.

WIP – Inspired by BROM.