Undead / Zombies

I have a strange relationship with zombies, love to draw them, hate to watch them. Not through fear of any sort, I just find theatrical zombies rather dull. But they make very interesting subjects to draw, they come packed with humor and you can throw as much (or as little) colour as you like at them and they will still look like zombies. The funnier the better in my mind!

Lost Memory is a 30 minute spit paint piece, I managed this in 20 minutes and I added a slice of humor by leaving her jaw on the floor and brain in her hand. The vacant stare is just a given.

Little Susie and her dog Beans is an experimental piece, I love to draw with shapes, turn anything into a character I will. I’m currently studying with Christopher Hart and all of his books have an amazing array of uses for shapes, I would thoroughly recommend his drawing books to any cartoonist in the making!

The Brains drawing is actually a self portrait, I drew this piece when I had the flu and to be honest, thats exactly how I felt!

Zombie Steve just wants a date. She doesn’t notice him though, she’s got better zombies to date. Steve is just a lowly office worker after all.

the Undead Cat was also a 30 minute spit paint, it ended up being so popular I made it into a fabric to sell (mainly because I wanted it too).

Mad Scientist was mainly a test of a new brush set I’d downloaded, I hadn’t drawn many male characters either so I thought I could add to that too. I think over all I really like the brush I used on the brickwork and the smog effect brush.



Lost Memory

Little Susie and Beans the dog


Zombie Steve just wanted to talk to her

Undead Cat needs mouse brains

Mad scientist and his undead Assistant create life