Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

I have a passionate fascination with the Dia de los Muertos festival (Day of the dead), the vibrant colours, the celebration, the characters, the floats, the floral decor, the skulls, the designs, the meaning, the mexican culture, the spirituality! Every aspect of this festival both excites and leaves me wanting to see and know more. I really love the little details in the face painting and decorations, I try to add these to all of my art, the finer details add to the larger picture giving it character in all new levels!

I’ve always loved drawing flowers and plants, The floral crown and Santa Muerte pieces allowed me to really let loose on the flowers as the vibrancy pops against their traditional ghostly white face paint.

Lady Hades pieces were originally a 30 minute spit paint design that I ended up loving the idea of and turned into a full piece, adding some new retro flare and other worldly glowing. Her little buddy Scampers collects bones on their moonlit strolls to add to his ever growing pile at home!


Lady Hades

Lady Hades #2

Floral Crown

Santa Muerte