Concept Art

Concept art

These are some of the little scenes or ideas that float by me from time to time, or just concepts others have requested of me.

Journey to the Island of dreams, Based on a dream I recently had where I crossed an ocean in a green boat to find an island full of wild women, monsters and fruits. I may work on this as an idea for a new project in the future.

The next picture was for my grandmothers first book called ‘Unknown Pages’. It’s about a young girl who has befriended a dragon in her dreams, she ends up entering the dream world through the local library and has to save the realm (with the help of her dragon and human friends) from the evil sorcerer Mabus, who wants to fill the real world with pollution and decay.  The scene I drew isn’t actually a part of the story but it’s something that came to mind when I thought of the dragon Aurora.

The 30 minute spit paint of the volcanic landscape was super fun to draw, it didn’t take me very long but it was a good challenge to test my colour pallet skills. Besides, everything’s better with a face on it, right?

This last piece was actually based on a nightmare I’d had the previous morning. There was a giant yellow truck racing along the straight stretch of sandy beach, it was trying to break a world record for the speed of light, but the truck went so fast it tore a hole in its own reality and drove into another dimension. This dimension was all fog infested swamp and forest, the truck drove down a long muddy tack, all through the forest shadows, figures and dark lumps, staggered and swayed through the trees. The truck driver was terrified, he came to a village, all of the villagers were mutated and melded together, limbs where they shouldn’t be, hopping, dragging, clawing, groaning across the muddy floor. Giant watery and shadowy monsters reached down and picked up handfuls of the melted looking mutants and ate them whole. The truck driver screamed as he turned the truck around and raced back up the long forest path, the shadows ever watching, ever hungry. He managed to drive so fast he opened another tear in space and landed back on the beach he came from. Or was it?…



Journey to the Island of dreams.

Running home from school to play with Aurora

30 minute spit paint – Volcanic landscape

Haunted Dimension