Character Design

Character Design

My main focus in my work is character design, I really love bringing characters to life! I’ve tried an array of different styles and techniques, over all I think cartooning and new retro styles are my favorite way to draw. My favorite subjects tend to be female characters, I find them easier to draw as they’re full of curving and flowing lines. Lately I have been pushing myself to do more male characters so you’ll see more pop up in my blog I dare say!

Voodoo Queen – This is a fairly recent piece, still working on drawing other cultures, I very much enjoyed working on this drawing! I wanted to concentrate on more detail to costume and think I may study more clothing designs for my characters in the future.

Leoti – Warrior of the Sun, this is a character idea I had when I sat upon a balcony in spain. I miss the old warrior style cartoons, like He-man, Thundercats and She-ra. I wanted to create a warrior woman of the same heroic nature, she adventures across a barbaric and magical land; slaying evil and helping those in need. The goddess of the sun sent her to the planet to rid the world of evil before all is lost!

Cloaked girl, Wendy and Toby were originally for Disney’s Evermoor game, although I didn’t get chosen to do the character art in the end I still learned a lot and had loads of fun drawing these characters! I really enjoyed adding the big feet at the end for some silly fun.

Wild child is a more recent piece, I’ve been illustrating towards childrens books of late and this little guy just popped up in my head and I needed to draw him! This was a colour and clothing test, I quite prefer his muddy self with the fig leaf. As he tears through the woods, romping with the animals, roaring with the rivers and jumping through the trees.

The Expression chart is one of many i’ve drawn over the years, I think its very important to keep practicing as many facial expressions as you can in as many styles as you can! Really get a feel for the shapes in a face and what muscles tweak with certain expressions. These expressions are studies from a comic called ‘Fairy Quest: Outlaws’ by Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos. I really enjoyed the character design in this book and I recreated the style several times with my characters.

This self portrait is my latest to date, I don’t often draw myself but I wanted to try using my new retro stylings, along with adding shape and facial expressions I’ve learned this year.

Mother Earth is a piece inspired by the beauty of Africa and the tribes that live there. I hadn’t done many pieces that represented different ethnicity’s or cultures at this point so I wanted to try my hand at creating something new to add to my portfolio. I feel confident now to draw on inspiration from all over the world to add to my character designs.

Princess Aurora and my first Walk Cycle are some of my short animations I’ve been making in photoshop of late, I have a deep love of animation and I’m currently studying it hard to add to my arsenal of artistic talents. After I finished the walk cycle I was informed that this is a male style of walking and not a female style but I’m still proud of my first achievement! I will hopefully be adding more to finally make an animated section in my portfolio.

Square-icorn and Mach Nacho are both 30 minute spit paints that I love the silliness of. I love using shapes in my character design and I wanted to make a unicorn out of a square, I’m still pleasantly surprised by how well this works (specially in the sitting down pose, look at his chubby little face!). Macho Nacho was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the theme on the daily spit paint page (this is a facebook site, if you’re interested in honing your brush skills I would heartily recommend).

Voodoo Queen

Leoti – Warrior of the sun.

Wild Child

Expression chart

Mother Earth

My first walk cycle!


Cloaked girl

Self Portrait

Princess Aurora turn around



30 minute spit paint – Macho Nacho