Journey to the island of dreams

I had a dream I crossed the ocean in a wooden green boat with my nana and we came to an island covered in fruit bushes and trees but all the fruit was mouldy. In the centre of the island was an enormous castle with a giant tree sprouting out of the top of it, I went inside to ask if they had any food to spare for our journey. The inside of the castle in parts looked like my junior school and in other parts like a hospital. There were monsters running around everywhere and they all seemed to know me. Like I used to live there. There was a wild looking woman with a Palm of green hair and it seemed I was trying to support her by making hammer bead art and crafts. She told me she couldn’t live like that and she stormed off. There were hammer beads all over the castle in huge piles and some of them seemed to be eating the monsters and taking over their bodies. It was really very strange.

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