About me

Rosie Quinn Harley
Games Figurines

My name is Rosie Quinn Harley, I am a Illustrator and digital artist from Brighton, England. I studied Art and Games Development at Brighton college and came out with Distinctions all around, from there I went straight into working as a freelance artist within the industry, having worked on titles for Disney and Mediatonic Games thus far.

Art has always been my main passion in life, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t drawing, painting or creating something. My family and friends have always been incredibly supportive, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for their belief in me (thanks mum!).

I grew up in the 90’s and like every late 80’s or early 90’s child would know, the cartoons, comics, action figures and toys were spectacular! I would bound home from school to watch my favorite shows like Street Sharks, Earth worm Jim, Courage the cowardly dog, Johnny Bravo, Invader Zim, Card Captor Sakura, Ghost busters, Ren and Stimpy, Ahh real Monsters!, Extreme Dinosaurs, Phantom Cat, Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs and many other classic cartoons that shaped the way I see the world forever.

I have a large collection of figurines including most of the 90’s Street shark and Extreme Dinosaurs collections by Mattel (which I’m very proud of if you couldn’t tell),  I also re-paint and fix the figurines I collect as some of them are second hand. I also collect comic books, I buy comics for the art first and foremost so I end up with some strange comics in my collection, I really love Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Batman Lobo, Deadpool, Kabuki, Manbat, Batman Demon, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee and Battle pug. I also have a continuously growing collection of Graphic novels and Art books, I use these on almost a daily basis to draw inspiration from or study the forms/techniques used by each artist. This collection includes books of art from my favorite films such as the Book of Life, Princess Mononoke and The Goblins of the Labyrinth by Brian Froud and Terry Jones.

My other hobbies a part from drawing would be cooking, Baking and sewing. In my spare time outside of work I am also a seamstress, fixing and making clothes for friends and clients.

I currently live in Brighton (England) with my boyfriend and hope to soon have a Dog called ‘Sir Reginald Waggles-Bottom the Fourth’… Or just Reggie for short.